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Indulge your Content Cravings...

Pixel Punk is excited to announce a brand new initiative called



The Content Feeder is a flexible, no lock-in subscription service, available to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers who would need regular content for their social media pages, blogs and websites. 


With completely flexible packages, clients can expect to have punchy, creative and fresh content each month. Businesses like restaurants and cafes will have access to high quality content of new dishes or menu updates, and be able to market the latest content relating to upcoming events and specials. Small businesses have the opportunity to have content surrounding new projects, existing projects, or even future projects.


Our goal is to look at your brand, your ideal client, and your social media objectives so that we can create relevant content to suit your needs. 


Along with varying extents of coverage, our clients will also have the option to have their content scheduled on their social media accounts for weeks in advance...

ask us for the deets. 

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